How to overlay designs on to my mockup images


I have been meaning to do this since I started selling mockups on Etsy, Creative Market and The Hungry Jpeg websites, and finally I have created 2 videos for you to watch. One explains how to put a design onto a mockup image using Picmonkey, a free online editing tool and the other explains how to overlay images using Photoshop CC.

These are the first video tutorials I have done, so I apologise for any mistakes:)

These videos are useful if your designs are jpegs and have a white background that you want to eliminate from your design when you overlay them on top of the mockup image. If you have a png file the chances are this will have a transparent background so the white box/rectangle round your design will not be there. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Using Photoshop CC

Overlay a mockup image with your design from Claire Plumridge on Vimeo.

Using Picmonkey

Using Picmonkey to overlay your design on to a mockup styled photograph from Claire Plumridge on Vimeo.

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