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My new website/blog is finally live – yippee!  I have been attempting to set-up a blog for longer than I care to remember, part of the problem has been that I know how to do, having a website based background, so didn’t really want to pay anyone to do it for me! But there always seemed to be something else that needed doing, websites for other people, getting a presence on stock agencies, taking photographs, editing them and for a while running a portrait photography business – do I need to go on……

After many years of studying photography and then running a portrait photography business I realise that actually what I really like doing is creating images to sell as either styled mock-ups or just stock images, so this is where I am now. I think my husband must wonder about all the money I spent on learning portrait photography but C’est La Vie…. and actually it was such a good learning experience. I love doing courses, you meet so many interesting people while learning and expanding your knowledge on whatever it may be.

I hope to blog at least once a month to start with and then we will see how things progress and hopefully my blogs will be of interest to you, with topics ranging from my instagram experience, photography tips, photoshop tips, my styled stock images and things that inspire me.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site x

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